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Nascent Administration aims to give you back time and space to get back to being in service to your clients with your unique gifts as well as the time and freedom to spend with loved ones or on hobbies. Our unique gifts will provide knowledge and expertise in administrative areas so that you don’t have to learn or spend your precious time on it. Our life’s purpose is to create a compassionate service that will encourage you to thrive beyond your business. We will create more efficiency in your business on the back end to optimize your time. 

We are a proud member of the Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants.

Data Entry

  • Basic Bookkeeping

  • ​Excel​

  • Spreadsheet Creation ​

  • Mainentance

  • Report Creation 

  • Monthly/Quarterly ​


  • Calendar/Scheduling Services

  • Email Inbox Services

  • Travel Plans


  • Creating Request for Proposals​

  • Creating Proposals

  • Grant Applications

Document Prep

  • Proof-reading

  • On-boarding Packages​​

  • Newsletters

  • Memos

  • Blog Posts 

 Event Planning

  • Conference​

  • Workshops

  • Retreats


915 Ninth Avenue North

1-778-200-1619 ext 800

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