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The Importance of Work-Life Balance

There are very few things in life that are more important than family. Maintaining a good work-life balance can be challenging. We all feel the need at times for more balance in our life whether that is a full on vacation or setting aside some self-care time in the evening. Balance can be alone time or quite the opposite in making human connections and contact. Which way do you slide? Where are you on your journey to a work/life balance? Are you well on your way to balance? Are you just starting?


Here are some examples of starting your journey to balance. 


Setting a certain end time for your workday so you can enjoy your life outside of work is one thing that helps. It's simple to let work interfere with personal time. Establish "safety measures" in case this proves to be difficult so that you don't end up "just doing one more thing." This can involve shutting off your electronics, setting the do not disturb option on any devices connected to your job, and planning an enjoyable after-work activity. 


Book time off. Everyone needs time off and you shouldn’t feel bad about taking it. Put away your work-related belongings and turn off any alerts that may interfere with your vacation time. Whether it's a weekend getaway or a trip abroad, plan something exciting. By doing this, you may give your mind a break and return to work feeling more productive.


Incorporating movement into your day. This could be a walk at lunch time, a stretch or two at break time or evening yoga or strength training. Movement releases the happy hormone called endorphins. This helps to clear your mind and enables focus and higher levels of productivity. 

By integrating mindfulness practices, stress levels can decrease and focus can improve. Mindfulness is just as important as movement when it comes to creating balance in your life. 


Enhanced productivity throughout the workday is one advantage of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Throughout the day, you can work more productively and with more enthusiasm. As you demonstrate your ability to work efficiently and solve problems, this could help you grow in your job. It might also simply make you happier. You don't feel overwhelmed by your workload or dread going to work. 

'Till Next Time

Ashley Benedet

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