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Why I Became a VA


I became a VA because I was tired of the corporate gig I was tied to. Waking up at 3:30 am to board a bus and leave town for a two-hour trip each way (in the winter). I felt stuck and had so much time wasted by traveling. I was absolutely miserable and getting sick. One day, I made the decision that working for myself would be truly amazing. In reality, I work for my clients, and I can assist them with the tasks they are unable to complete due to time constraints. I've always wanted to help others take back their time. 


The trick is, I care a lot about the people I work with. The success of their business and their ability to spend quality time with their family are important to me. Everyone needs balance. I realize it's a pretty millennial thing to say, but guess what? It turns out that I am a millennial, something I've been denying for a very long time. So, back to balance. Who among us can honestly declare that they have a healthy work/life balance? Not many, I suppose; mine is still a work in progress because I teach group fitness and am enrolled in a 200 hr yoga teacher training. Balance is an art and you need to decide what that looks like for you. Does it mean more time with your family and friends? Or does it mean more time for you? 


Recent events have taught me to live life the way you want to live, if that’s planning for the future great! But don’t forget to live too. I recently told my husband that I want to go to Portugal for a yoga retreat and I’m going! He’s opted to stay home. The best part about this business is that you can literally take it with you and work from anywhere. That being said, a little down time is good too and you can’t forget to take some time off every so often so you don’t burn out.

Written by Ashlee Hyde, Founder

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