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Hybrid or Remote? The Travelling VA/EA/OBM

Hello to all the wonderful people out there reading our blog. Our posts will be about business, life as a virtual worker, travels and all things that go with time-freedom and heath and wellness. When our Founder, Ashlee started this business, she was tired of the travel to and from work but recognized the need for small businesses to have someone that can help them out virtually with the occasional in person interactions.

Picture taken by Tanningdaisies Photography

How we started vs. How it's going...

Nascent Administration was founded in August 2023 as a one woman show. Slowly growing, Ashlee hired Ashley B to help out. Fast forward to today (May 31, 2024), Ashlee has hired three more VA's that have offer their expertise in different administrative fields. With a total staff of 6, Nascent Administration is now able to offer a full gambit of services. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and check out the about us page on the website to see who our team is and how we can serve you and your business.

Our goal to is help our clients reclaim work-life balance.

Does your business and life need some help? We are here to provide help whether it is taking on tasks for your business that you don't have time to get to or if you need help figuring out how to bring movement and balance into your everyday life.

Book a meeting with our Founder, Ashlee Hyde to see how we can help you and your business.

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